Eccentrica Bells


      As an inspirational Jewellery Artist with over 20 years experience Helen O'Connor  is known as the designer 'Eccentrica Bells'.   Eccentrica bells is a vibrant eccentric character full of life and love, highlighted within the distinct and unique designs.   


Leaving behind a corportate career to follow her creative dreams, has brought empowerment, energy and vibrancy to the Eccentrica Bells Brand, a creatively exciting journey.  



As an innovative Jewellery Artist & Gold member of the Guild of Jewellery Designers,

'Wirehimo' is a unique style of handbraiding with coils.


Only using the noblest of materials and craftmanship,

Goldsmith hallmarked London where necessary.

A full customer experience is offered with each and every bespoke order 

Offering exclusive jewellery and artisan pieces Designed & made in Wales.


*British Jewelery Design Amabassador for the USA company Jesse James Beads


*Professional freelance Jewellery Technique and product Demonstrator for  Trade shows,      Exhibitions and as a TV Guest Designer. 


*2017 - another Innovative design, the fun loving DooberyDoo. 


*2015 - 2016 A regular Guest Designer on a Jewellery making channel providing demonstrations, Inspiration and Innovation.  Specialising in 'Wirehimo' (Wire braiding), Pearl knotting, Kumihimo, working with silk, copper and sterling silver. 


*Taking part in the 2016 Voom,  Richards Branson's Virgin Media competition,  with CraftNowTV Helen brought a concept of 'giving the gift of creativity' linking a live TV channel with Craft in the community projects alongside innovative ideas and products.  



The home of 'Wirehimo' and 'Doobery Doos'!  


Wirehimo - its everything you want it to be !


                                                         Helen 'O'Connor is  Eccentrica Bells

                                             A Creative ~ Innovative ~ Audaciously Daring Jewellery Artist



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